About U.S. Senator Marissa Dorsey 


        Marissa Dorsey was born August 5, 1992 in the city of Fayetville, North Carolina. Primarily she was raised in Roanoke Rapids with her dear grandparents, Faye and Pete Jones. At the age of nine, Dorsey moved to Hampton, Virginia with her mother Amy Boone and stepfather Anthony Boone. He life changed dramatically from a country home-town girl to a highly-educated city girl. From here she began her political journey.
        Starting her senior year she enrolled in an AP Government class and attended the Mayoral candidate meetings of 2009. After graduating among the top of her class, Senator Dorsey attended Hampton University where she was accepted into the School of Pharmacy. Here she created a legend as the Ebony Fire Dancer (Hampton University Marching Band Danceline) who "studied all the time" while still excelling in all her activities. Along with the danceline, Dorsey was among many of the Naval ROTC students. Begining her second year of college Dorsey was awarded a full tuition scholarship based on her excelling mental, physical, and moral standards of a Commisioned Officer in he United States Navy. Her scholarship payed the rest of her five years of school at Hampton University.             
         Upon graduation she knew where she would be "I would be a successful  pharmacist while serving my country in the United States Navy", Dorsey quotes. After serving 10 years in the military, Dorsey decided to run for Virginia Mayor. Senator Dorsey became prosperous in her running and has served as Mayor of Virginia. However,Senator Dorsey did not let this become her last show in the political world, she has now decided to run for the United States Presidential Election of 2012. Click Vision/Mission to view her political platform.

U.S. Senator, Marissa Dorsey of Hampton, Virginia meeting with other candidates before announcing her running in the 2010 Presidential Election.

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