Political Platform


 Todays youth are faced with many decisions in life. The most important being to obtain a substantial college degree. However, as time passes college tution only seems to rise. In October of 2007 the New York Times released an article stating 'Tuition and fees at public and private universities have risen this year at more than double the rate of inflation' (information was released by College Board). Tuitions, in 2007, at public four-year colleges rose 6.6 percent from 2006, while  private colleges were hit with $23, 712 increase of 6.3 percent. As part of the political platform, the opportunity to have more young adults graduating from high school and be able to recieve at least four grants could help the United States college process. Although we, the United States, has FASFA, free application for federal student aid, many students whose parents have exceeding financial income do not have the opportunity to be awarded what others may receive. The application is used to determine the dollar amount you or your family will be expected to contribute towards college. All federal grant and loan awards are determined by FAFSA, and nearly all colleges use FASFA as he basis for their own financial awards.  It is stressed that every state forms a 'state grant' for students to have more  financial opportunity to pay for college. No one should have to continuously worry about college tuition and further, lead to not atttending college. For education we urge to award at least four means federal aid to every graduating student.

Eco-Friendly Enviornment

Our enviornment in modern time is suffering because of pollution and hazard waste. The slogans "Save the Trees" and "Go Green"has become popular and some Americans have taken the steps to make recyling a responsibilty rather than a meir choice. Pollution on our Earth endangers essential aspects; air, water, food and living beings. Every day 60,000 bags are thrown upon the ground endangering our rivers, creeks, and animals. If recycled many of our pollution problems would not become a major problem, further even exsist. Providing an incentive to those Americans who recycle at least 25 pounds of recylables each month should recieve a beneficial incentive. The local and state governments would provide certain laws and regulations from directions given by the federal government. As a result, all states would have more jobs for the American people as a whole. Incentives would include free plane trips, free hotel stays, or a free main event, in-state or attending a professional program/game, ticket. Hand-In-Hand all Americans can "Save the World".


 Funding for Space Exploration

Our Earth today is cherished by every country. However, we must handle what is at hand before we try to explore outside of our home. Pollution, high rates of crime, poverty, and outstanding debt are rapidly coloring 'our' Earth. The ability to be able to travel in outer space is a wonderful ability but as Americans we must take care of our own before we decide to look into outer space. The cost of space exploration is substanial and only increases our debt. In 2009 NASA awarded Oceaneering International to create the new spacesuit. The contract amounted to 745 million dollars and included only 109 suits. Millions of dollars are spent on just a few suits so imagine the cost of shuttles and special computers used in outer space. Not only do we use money for space technology but we also use money for astronomy technology. Another example can include the cost of one modern space shuttle. Buying one shuttle would account for one and a half million lives lost for wont of anti-malarial bed nets. It is electricity to power a U.S. city of two million people for a year. It is nine-hundred billion gallons of fresh drinking water produced by desalination. We pay for a single shuttle launch with fifty million bushels of wheat. We house a handful of men in space with a year’s worth of housing for more than ten million U.S. citizens. The money spent for space exploration is too expensive for our countries debt. The funding for space exploration should be extremely limited for a time span of 15 years. Meaning, a budget should be given to NASA and all other related programs. New ideas and brain storming of what to expect in the near future would still allow citizens to keep their jobs but the actual buying process to further space exploration would be cut back to improve our debt and other high-rising problems for the better. 



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